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Comprehension: Good Bye Mr. Chips – Chap 1

January 30, 2013

Chapter 1

  1. What was the routine of Mr. Chips’ life when the novel opens?

    How did Mr. Chips measure his time when he lived at Mrs. Wickett’s house?

    When the novel opens we find Mr. Chips sitting by the fire, and taking his tea and listening to the school bell sounding dinner, call-over, prep, and lights out. He had been living there for more than ten years but still he kept the timetable of Brookfield.

  2. How did Chips end his daily activities at Mrs. Wickett’s?

    What were routine activities of Mr. Chips at Mrs. Wickett’s?

    While living a retired life at Mrs. Wickett’s, Chips always wound up the clock after the last bell. Then he put the wire guard in front of the fire, turned out the gas and carried a detective novel to the bed. Sleep overtook him before completing a page or so.

  3. What did Doctor Merivale say about Mr. Chips’ health?

    What did Merivale say about Mr. Chips’ health?

    Dr. Merivale visited Mr. Chips regularly every fortnight. He admired his health and said that he was fitter than the doctor himself. He added that he was the lucky one who would die a natural death if he died at all.

  4. What advice did Merivale give to Mrs. Wickett about Chips?

    When Chips had a cold or when the east winds blew, Merivale would become worried. He then advised Mrs. Wickett to take special care of Mr. Chips. He said that he was only advancing in age and there was nothing more to worry.

  5. What information do we get about Chips’ birth?

    Mr. Chips was born in 1848. He went to the Great Exhibition as a toddling child. There were very few people alive who could remember such an old incident.

  6. When did Mr. Chips join Brookfield and how did he remember it?

    What do you know about Chips’ joining at Brookfield in 1870?

    When did Mr. Chips join Brookfield?

    Mr. Chips joined Brookfield in 1870. It was the same year when the war between France and Prussia broke out.

  7. What impression do you gather about Chips’ personality at the time of his joining?

    At that time Mr. Chips was a handsome, impressive young man. He was fresh complexioned, side- whiskered and was fashionably dressed according to the Victorian times.

  8. Why did Mr. Chips not like his previous school?

    He had taught at MelburyPublic School for one year. There he could not maintain discipline and was badly teased by the boys. That is why he did not like that school.

  9. Describe the day when Chips came for interview.

    It was a sunny day of July when he came for interview. The air was full of fragrance. In the cricket ground Brookfield was playing against BarnhurstSchool. Chips also remembered that one of the Barnhurst boys scored a brilliant century.

  10. Describe Mr. Chips’ first meeting with Mr. Wetherby.

    When Mr. Chips joined Brookfield, Mr. Wetherby was the Head. He impressed Chips with his wise judgement. He expected that Brookfield and Chips would go on well. He advised Chips to be strict in the matter of discipline right from the very beginning.

  11. What type of the Head was Mr. Wetherby?

    Mr. Wetherby was hardworking, efficient and at the same time very kind and fatherly. His stay at Brookfield was of thirty long years. During this period Brookfield earned a good name.

  12. What were Wetherby’s encouraging words to Chips?

    He told Chips that he was very young but Brookfield was very old. Chips remembered his exact words: “Youth and age often combine well. Give your enthusiasm to Brookfield and Brookfield will give you something in return.”

  13. How did Wetherby die?

    Wetherby was an old man and perhaps suffering from some serious disease. He died during the summer vacation, before Chips could begin his first term.

  14. How did Mr. Chips face his first class at Brookfield?

    Mr. Chips took his first class of prep of five hundred students in the Big Hall. As he came to the dais, there was complete silence. Suddenly someone dropped the lid of the desk. Mr. Chips found that boy and punished him.

  15. How did Mr. Chips punish his first student?

    Mr. Chips caught the boy who had dropped the lid. His name was Colley. He announced the punishment of a hundred lines for him. There was no trouble after that. He had won his first round.

  16. How did Mr. Chips welcome the son of the first Colley to his class?

    Chips told him that his father was the first boy whom he punished in the class. Moreover, he said, “He deserved it then, and you deserve it now.”

  17. What was the Chips’ famous joke about the third Colley?

    Chips told the third Colley that he was a fine example of family traditions. He explained that his grandfather was a stupid fellow and so was his father. He called the third Colley the biggest fool of the lot.

  18. Who was Colley?

    Colley was the first student whom Mr. Chips punished. After him, his son and grandson became Mr. Chips’ pupils. They were also named Colley.

  19. Who was Dr. Merivale?

    Dr. Merivale was physician of Mr. Chips. He had very good humour and he talked to Chips in very friendly manner. He was very careful and loving person.